It is a common fact that a master serve is the one that is powerful and effortless. To become effortless at performing a serve we have to practice consistently. And to add power to the serve there are certain tips that this article is going to teach you. Most of the times, our body hinders are serve motion by providing a barrier, and it is mandatory to break the barrier. Many people who are new to the game, or do not have a proper source of instruction and training, lack power in their serves.

Mistake: Over and over again a common flaw has been observed; people do not let their serving hand go beyond their body, which leads to a powerless serve. This is an incomplete action for performing a really nifty serve.

Disadvantages of such a serve:

  1. Less powerin the shot, which makes it an easy and undesirable serve.
  2. The player might lose control while making an attempt to make a high shot, because of low power.
  3. Dislocates the ball which is nothing but a wrong placement, hence, disturbs our placement practice.
  4. No complete involvement of the body, and this a wastage of the body’s power which can actually give a great serve.
  5. As this kind of serve is easy to receive, it increases the risk of a getting a strong shot in return which might make us lose some points.

Advantages of a powerful serve:

  1. Breaking the barrier adds a lot more power to the serve.
  2. It allows you to really load up your core.
  3. Gives you a full control over the body, by breaking the barrier.
  4. Helps you to perform a smooth rotation swiftly.
  5. It gives a great pace to the ball.
  6. Improves your placement of the ball.

Overcoming the problem : What you have to do is to practice your shot by letting your hand to cross the body plane in a full rotation, yet a controlled one. This will transfer the body’s actual power to the hand, enabling you to make a full swing over the head. This simple tip will help you to excel in game by achieving an unbeatably powerful serve. The trick is to transfer the power to the racket and then to ball effectively without disarraying the whole motion.
Tennis Serve Lesson

So, adding power to the serve will do what the technique will not, it will ensure that your opponent do not get a chance of easy return. While he will be busy receiving a powerful serve, you can strategize your next point. Also a powerful serve will make your opponent exhaust faster, giving you an advantage to use power more effectively without wastage.

Practicing,the habit of adding power by breaking the body barrier, will eventually make you a lot more coordinated, and it will not distort your techniques in the game. Every move will be meticulously improved as it is going to involve balancing of the power and each of your body part will be working in harmony to deliver a perfect serve shot. So do not forget to add power to your serving lessons from the beginning.

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