Slice serve is a spin changer in the game of tennis. It is always a clever choice to slice your serve when you want to get your opponent off balance. Slice serve is about placing the serve in an aimed area, this can be achieved only if you have practiced enough and mastered the serve. Here, is a challenge that you can take to put more efforts and focus on slicing your serve.

This is called a placement challenge. For a slice serve, you cannot able yourself to move all over the box and we need to make the ball land in the particular area. By slicing your serve you will adeptly confuse your opponent and ultimately make him lose the shot.Though slice serve is a tricky business, you can get skilled at it through well taught learning sessions, this is one such session.

Your serve’s drop-point will depend on whether you are a right-handed player or a left-handed player, but this fact will not be affecting your skill’s fruition.

  1. You can start by placing cones or any other object at the targeted areas.
  2. Place the cones at successive positions and at angles that are usually critical to aim.
  3. Now, start by hitting the deepest cone or the farthest cone. Target one cone-location at a time.
  4. As a bonus, aim to hit at a point between the net and the first cone, it is an intricate and difficult target to hit at, but it is worth trying.Reward yourself a massive boost of confidence by completing this challenge.

Slice Serve
You must dutifully take the challenge for placing your slice serve in both, deuce court and the advantage court. This will bring a ripeness in your control over the placement of your serve shots. You’ll be able to command all over the box with continuous practicing. By placing the serve according to your own will, you can also know how the ball is going to come back as a return from your opponent, this shall incredibly help you to be ready for the respective situation. Apart from gratifying your slicing technique, it will also give you an advantage to judge the slice serve of your opponent and with much precision will be able to return the shot successfully. Over the time, you’ll get better and better at it.

At the biggest points of the game, you can use some efficient money plays. A free training guide has been created for you to know extensively about money plays for slice serve. Great games are the ones that are played with a good plan in mind. You can’t afford to have a moment of indecision in a valuable game. To avoid such situations, learn some great money plays. The free training module includes money plays used by pro players, and lessons to masterfully lay the plan of a winning game. You can write about the challenge and questions regarding this at

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