So the pros are hitting the ball harder than ever right? They are also hitting with more spin than ever too. It only makes sense that more topspin must equal more power right? Well not so fast. Topspin does not automatically equal more power. If you can really flatten out a ball that will most likely be your hardest shot of the day.

But more topspin does allow you to swing with a heck of a lot more freedom, which gives you the feeling of hitting bigger. The spin on the ball also explodes off the court and jumps at your opponent when it bounces, which again gives you the feeling of offense and power.

I think the biggest advantage of topspin is the ability to play big and also feel in complete control of your strokes, watch today’s video and see exactly what I mean. Also below this video I answer some questions on Footwork.


Great Questions on Footwork Training Answered

Here are the Questions:

a). Does your “Total Body” material includes in particular “approaching the incoming ball technique/drills”?
b) What is the total sum to be paid for the complete “total body” package in EU?
c) Can I get perhaps only the parts I am interested for?

Here are my Quick Video Answers and Link Below for $1 Trial

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