One can say this without a shadow of a doubt, that Topspin is a king in the modern game of Tennis today. Topspin is a primary yet the most valuable tool a player needs to have in his bag. Topspin has made many eminent players win big titles. Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Serena Williams can be named as the best examples of the Topsin Forehand players.

Topspin makes the ball arch a little higher over the net and to get dropped at a shorter distance without going too far. And it also dodges your opponent as it jumps higher after a bounce and then spins which lets the ball to go directly at the baseline, this spin compels the opponent to make a change in the position at the end time, hence gets him off balance for a strong return. Topspin forehand is also a safe shot as it makes you perform a rally without making many errors. Great topspin forehand gives great consistency to a player.

If topspin is something you have struggled with in the past, then you must religiously follow this article. This article will tell you how to consistently add massive amounts of topspin to your forehand. This drill works every time, and is called the ‘3x Topspin Drill’. The drill works as a charm. To start with, you need tennis balls and nothing more than that, yes, you don’t even need your racquet initially. The machine for topspin is your hand and racquet is the tool.

3x Topspin Forehand drill

Steps involved in the drill:-

  1. Make sure that your palm of the playing hand is open and faces the ground.
  2. Then hold the ball in your other hand at a distance of at least 6 inches from the playing hand’s thumb. Remember, your thumb should be behind and below the ball, making an angle with the ball.
  3. Bring your palm up to the ball (as in climbing a slope) and rub/stroke the ball in a slow fluent motion. The ball should be rubbed by your palm without falling. Scrap the ball three times in the same manner. And do 3 such sets, i.e., you have to do the exercise 9 times in total.
  4. Succeeding to the next step, now scrap the ball twice and at the 3rd chance swing the ball off the hand. The palm must not be open, hit with the thumb(palm still facing the ground), otherwise you won’t get any spin on it. When you fall through, bring the back of your palm in front of your face (as if you are telling time by looking into your watch).
  5. Place a chair in between you and the net. Keep proper distance in between the objects. Now start aiming and repeat the drill over and over again. Try for the net, then in between chair and net, and different targets to hit with the spin.
  6. In the last exercise of the drill, starting hitting the ball back to back in the same manner that we did in the 3rd hit of the step number 4. It is just like executing your topspin forehand with your palm, including proper body posture and power. Place the chair again and repeat this step.

To summarize, first scarp the ball 3 times in 3 sets, then scrape/rub twice and at let it go at the 3rd time, then in the last, just scrap and let go in one hit only. The drill does not ask for a lot of time of yours and is not at all laborious. It is an easy and fun drill which will help you master topspin in your forehand. Aim big and keep learning amazing techniques effortlessly with Crunch time coaching.