When we start to play tennis, in the beginning no one thinks about the scientific logics or the other science stuff that is related to the slice, flat or kick serve. And to begin learning effectively this is what we have to do, focusing on ‘what to do’ and not on ‘how to do’. The three serve shots are different, and obviously the differences are not clear to all the beginners and that causes the much viable confusion. But, when you are planning for a great game, there is no place for confusion.

This article is about understanding the different feels and thoughts related to slice, flat and kick serve shots. We are also going to focus on the feel and not the science. What we mean when we say the ’feel’ is that we have to keep our mind clear about the things we need to do for a particular serve. The following points describe the feel-ethics related to each serve respectively.

  1. Slice serve : when you are on to hit a slice serve, the key points you should be cogitating about are
  • Getting your racquet around the ball and cutting it.
  • The technical move does involve scraping across the ball with the racquet for more power but the focal theme for a slice serve execution is ‘that you need to cut the ball’.
  • With that thought process, your technique will get a boost of immense power and spin, the balls will really get off the court.
  1. Kick Serve: when we are slicing our serve we need to swing the racquet in a circular motion (as in doing a magic trick saying avra cadavra or like a baseball curve ball) but in the kick serve we have to do the exact opposite of this. You have to throw your hand up and straight without any circular swing. So, you need to think about :
  • Throwing up your racquet straight
  • Second, focus on the inside bottom of the ball and bypass it.
  1. Flat Serve: what is flat serve really about? Nothing more than flattening your serve with great power. But what do you need to think about when you are going to execute a flat serve?

We at Crunchtime coaching focus on mind set and thought process equally as on technical things. The serve shots are predominant shots in a tennis game; they rule the game in a way. One cannot afford to go weak in these three types of serve shots, one can definitely have a natural zone of comfort for one type of shot among the three but a player must know all the three shots properly. Sticking to a shot will help you to keep your sight on the main aim and will align all your energy on making the serve successful. So, along with the technical science, learn the above focal things related to each shot respectively and train your brain and body to succeed in serve shot each time you perform them.

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