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Tennis tip: Learn the Topspin Lob

In our previous articles we have definitely riveted your attention to some of the most awesome tips that can help you in improving your game tremendously. This article is going to be another treat for you. You’ll be taught on how to hit an offensive topspin lob, it is a great sky shot. Would you […]

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Tennis Tip: How to volley with power!

Volley is a distinctive shot in the game of Tennis. Unlike other shots, a volley is a shot which is executed by striking the ball even before it touches the ground of the court, that is, before the bounce. A volley shot is exceptionally difficult in technique as well as in body’s physics. A player […]

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Tennis Tip: Common forehand mistake

Many a times we are taught some things that are not to be taken in a literal sense all the time. Coaches emphasize on the fact that you need to stay low every time you attempt a forehand but this is not the right thing to do for every forehand move. When you are taking […]

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