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Adding Fed-Like Variety to Your Tennis Game

If you’ve ever tried play tennis with “Fed-Like” variety you know it’s not quite that simple as some of us may just be adding extra UNFORCED ERRORS! But variety in your game IS WORTH IT, even if it takes awhile to get yourself used to constantly mixing things up and costs you some points along […]

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How high does Your Rally Ball Need to Be?

Do you ever think about your rally ball height? A rally ball needs to be your comfort zone and a reliable strength you use to force an opponent to back off! Your rally ball needs to be easy to produce, a shot you regularly allow yourself to get into a groove with whenever you hit […]

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Live Kick Lesson

A player must be able to differentiate one serve shot from the other serve shot clearly. Nearly every beginner mistakenly slices his kick serve with a curling motion. In the beginning of the shot they curl their racquet hand and instead of kicking their serve out they slice it feebly. This kind of serve is […]

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Mind-Set: How to reduce your errors in half

You know what all the pro players answered when they were interviewed about their long term goal and mental strength? The answer might surprise many because pro players do not intend to top the “Best Player List” but it is consistency in learning that they want. All the pro players wish to improve their game […]

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Tennis Tip: How to volley with power!

Volley is a distinctive shot in the game of Tennis. Unlike other shots, a volley is a shot which is executed by striking the ball even before it touches the ground of the court, that is, before the bounce. A volley shot is exceptionally difficult in technique as well as in body’s physics. A player […]

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Serve Toss Analysis: Rock Star Carver Arant

A great mindset can magnify your game by every bit. Many a times we acquire the habits that come naturally to us and we are undoubtedly efficient at it. But sometimes those natural techniques might prove disadvantageous for us in pressured situations, as they are not always technically correct. The natural instincts are the most […]

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