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Mind-Set: How to reduce your errors in half

You know what all the pro players answered when they were interviewed about their long term goal and mental strength? The answer might surprise many because pro players do not intend to top the “Best Player List” but it is consistency in learning that they want. All the pro players wish to improve their game […]

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Serving Tips: Drill for a great Racquet Drop

One cannot question the importance of a racquet drop serve shot if he has seen a humdinger racquet drop. It is something that helps you to improve acceleration, power, spin, relaxation and much more. This drill is a great package that has a lot of techniques wrapped under it. Every player has some particular drills […]

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How to hit Swing Topspin Forehand Volley

Just as its name, the technique Swinging Forehand Topspin Volley is considered too complex. Not many coaches advice to take this shot, rather most of the coaches say that it is not the right shot to use. But there are certain times where you need to play with a different approach, and this shot might […]

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Tennis tip: Learn the Topspin Lob

In our previous articles we have definitely riveted your attention to some of the most awesome tips that can help you in improving your game tremendously. This article is going to be another treat for you. You’ll be taught on how to hit an offensive topspin lob, it is a great sky shot. Would you […]

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3 Common overhead mistakes and how to fix them

Overhead shot, as we have earlier discussed, is quite difficult in execution and there are ample chances of players making mistakes unknowingly. This article is going to throw some light on the common mistakes that are made in an overhead shot and also what measures can be taken to avoid them. Most commonly, players do […]

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