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Forehand Lesson: 3 Checkpoints for Modern Forehand

Every game evolved and so did Tennis. Apart from the technological advancements, the game techniques also evolved from classic approaches to modern ones. The focus is continually shifting to more power hitting and great topspin. The game demands more and more pace today. One of the most important technique used by great players today, is […]

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Serve Lesson: Top 3 hidden mistakes

A practice session is where you have to work on the smallest little thing of the game. Most of the people make a lot of mistakes even without knowing about them. This article will be helpful for you in identifying the common mistakes that you do in your serve practice. Top 3 common mistakes: 1. […]

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Top 5 Mistakes of Tennis Practice

Tennis is one of the most vigorous games; it is a lot more than just playing. Practice defines and shapes up your official game, so you need a near perfect practice session to achieve a habit of undefeated game at the court. There is a definite need of all kinds of components in a sincere […]

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